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Tide brand mobile phone case inventory

Compared to girls buying mobile phone cases, the restrictions on boys buying mobile phone cases are controlled by cartoons and playing cool, and most of the more fashionable mobile phone cases often attract the attention of handsome young ladies and younger brothers. What do you think the tide brand mobile phone case looks like?

Although we had a New Year’s holiday, our mobile phone didn’t leave off! According to our dependence on mobile phones, the replacement speed of mobile phone cases is much faster than mobile phones ~


In the eyes of some people who like trendy things, buying a mobile phone case is not only to protect the phone, but also a representative to show taste and trendy. The mobile phone case must be eye-catching ~


There are many types of mobile phone cases on the market, but when it comes to categories suitable for boys, we must talk about the tide brand mobile phone cases, which show our eyes to others in a unique style.


To play the first line of cool, you have to watch the tide brand. What will the tide brand mobile phone case that the little brother and sister will pay attention to? Take a look at this list of trendy mobile phone cases ~


Using TPU high quality environmental protection silicone soft shell material, the mobile phone case is not easy to deform and fade. The exquisite patterns on the shell are all related to NASA, which is very eye-catching ~


The design of the mobile phone case is a classic sneaker shoe logo. The transparent soft shell decoration adds a few more personal feelings. It is a mobile phone case that can be used by both boys and girls ~


Dragon Ball is a fond memory of most people ’s childhood. Just like this little Goku mobile phone case with a drink and laughing, it is very cool, and there is a layer of delicate matte feel ~


Although it is a transparent mobile phone soft shell, the kaws logo on the shell cannot be blocked, and the background color of the mobile phone is combined with the graffiti of the phone to look good.


Using TPU soft shell material, the design of the mobile phone case is inspired by AJ sneakers, and then used the old background to set off. The entire mobile phone case screen is low-key without losing style, very practical ~


The smirk boy ’s influence is very great. When his classic smirk expression is set against a high-quality soft shell, the color of the pattern on the shell is very clear. Both the purple and black models are very cool.


The use of imported environmentally friendly silicone material, the full-edged design has a good protection for mobile phones, and the AJ pattern on the shell body is also very attractive to others ~


Made of soft plastic material, the different arrangement and combination of the sesame street elements on the shell have a few cute and funny feelings in the cool, the matte back is not easy to leave fingerprints, it is easy to use ~


Although the pattern on the shell is a little white rabbit, the background of the yellow background and the Japanese text makes it a little more funny in the cuteness. After IMD processing, the shell has a full gloss ~


Artist Van Gogh ’s painting skills and life experience have surprised us very much, but the self-portrait of Van Gogh on this phone case is very funny and humorous, and it is more characteristic under the small fresh color ~


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