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The classic mobile phone, the cute girl’s favorite mobile phone, which makes the return rate increase

In the era of smart phones, major mobile phone manufacturers have continuously released their own new phones, but these phones have become more homogeneous. For young ladies and sisters who like to take selfies without playing games, there is a high demand for selfies, but how do you choose among many machines?


The domestic brand Duowei focuses on differentiation and focuses on daily needs. The Duo Meow mobile phone L525 released by Duo Wei is a super cute mobile phone released by Duo Wei, and the name is also very kawaii. It currently has blue And pink two colors, these two colors are young people’s favorite color. It also brings a lot of highlights in the design and has gained a good reputation in the market. I recently started one and let’s see if it is worth it together.


This time I started with a blue Doraemon mobile phone. The protective case that came with the box was fashion pink to satisfy the girl ’s heart. The appearance of the mobile phone is relatively round, the back cover adopts blue color, and the rear camera design is special. It occupies a large area of ​​the back cover and is highly recognizable when held in the hand. Comes with a cute cat ear mobile phone case, the exaggerated “cat ears” above is obviously the main reason for the name of Dou Meow.


The Dow Meow L525 mobile phone uses a 5.2-inch display screen, which has a good sense of field of vision when watching videos and shooting. Under the front of the phone is a circular fingerprint recognition button, which can easily unlock the screen.


The Domeow Meow L525 mobile phone uses a 2MP + 13MP dual front selfie camera, a dual front flash and a cat’s ear fill light, plus intelligent 3D beauty, to easily shoot beautiful photos. When shooting, this phone can intelligently measure distances, achieve soft background blur, and accurately capture the user’s three-dimensional face shape for 3D beauty, thereby reducing the erosion of cosmetics. In addition to the traditional voice control when taking selfies, this phone also supports blinking photos, making selfies easier.


The top of the Dou Meow mobile phone has a special design. There are three metal contacts, which cover the cat ear mobile phone case. In many scenarios, it supplies power to the fill light of the protective case to make the cat ears glow.


After attaching the cat ear phone case, the phone looks cute, and not only plays a role of supplementing light at night, but also in the scenarios of mobile phone calls, WeChat red envelope reminders, alarm bells and other scenes. Different lights flash and interact, giving you different visual reminders, so that you will increase the return rate in the crowd.


In terms of hardware configuration, Doomiao Meow is equipped with MediaTek MT6750C octa-core processor, uses 4 + 64GB storage combination, and supports up to 128GB of memory expansion, which can fully meet daily use. This phone is a self-timer phone. It may be a bit difficult to play large games, but it can be used as a mobile phone for students. It can be easily installed with a learning app to ensure that they will not delay their studies due to excessive gaming. This phone also supports WeChat Octagon.


The Doudou Meow L525 mobile phone that I started this time has a beautiful appearance and high value, especially in the beauty shooting. The performance is particularly outstanding, coupled with the external cat ear phone case fill light, particularly powerful at night.


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