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Shatterproof 2 in 1 PC + Silicone Phone Case Wholesale

When the status quo of mobile phone design “one thousand sides” has not been able to meet consumers’ aesthetic and individual needs, small mobile phone cases have become the fuse of major mobile phone accessories retailers.

A few years ago, there was a question about “Knowing”, which made fun of the phenomenon that many people don’t wear “shells” on their mobile phones. With the change of users’ usage habits, in just a few years, people’s demand for mobile phone cases has changed from wear-resistant and drop-resistant to novel shapes and unique designs. Among them, drop-resistant mobile phone cases have still become the main trend for people to buy. Zhengshun has therefore produced a drop-proof two-in-one PC + silicone mobile phone case that meets the needs of contemporary people, which meets the needs of many customers who need to customize mobile phone cases.


Anti-fall two-in-one PC + silicone mobile phone case Features:

1. The inner layer of soft silicone, and the back cover is a hard PC with a paint finish;

2. The PC shell is made of colored metal paint, which feels like a metal effect and is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant;

3. With soft anti-fall silicone bottom support, real double protection;

4. The surface is dustproof, waterproof, non-sticky, moderately soft and hard, and the machine is well taken care of;

5. Outer PC can be used for monochrome leather, monochrome UV, water paste and other processes.


Housing PC conventional 8 colors to choose from (black, silver, dark gray, dark blue, gold, rose gold, purple, rose red), silicone conventional colors: black, gray. If none of these colors can meet your needs, you can also provide real color swatches or Pantone color number color proofing.

If you have custom wholesale needs for silicone mobile phone cases, you may wish to “customize to map” and let Zhengshun help you create your own brand style. Zhengshun also has a variety of mobile phone cases for you to choose wholesale.



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