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Recommended original mobile phone case! Taohua’s net red phone case is waiting for you to PICK!

This is the thing. Last week, I attended a friend’s wedding, and I joined the table with a friend I didn’t know. When I was seated, I noticed that there was a boy opposite me, a white T-shirt, short and medium hair that looked soft and clean. From time to time, the eyes will look at me sometimes, sometimes they will also face up, smile at me and nod, and sometimes I turn the turntable to me to make me like my favorite dish. My name is a little deer mess Hit! The direct result is … I am not full! Lipsticks are not lost … (Spreading hands) When the banquet is almost over, everyone is almost gone. He suddenly got up and came over to me. I lowered my head and I was crazy. He fired a shot, pretending to be inadvertent, and felt that he was approaching him, and reached out to me. Oh my god, I thought he was going to do it! Just listen to a deep voice: This is your mobile phone, the phone case is What brand is pretty good … Because I love my phone case more than my phone screen (yes), I habitually place the phone screen down on the table as usual, while eating I may pick it up and look at the news for a while … But what is this godly operation? See the mobile phone case first over the fairy ??? Although the blessing of holding the mobile phone case is now very warm, we ca n’t taste the same. So I finally found a trick for peach blossoms, a mobile phone case! The essential mobile phone case for a fairy is recommended to everyone, I hope everyone will pile up all over.

Richmond Finch, a brand that likes surfing the Internet, should be no stranger. The original mobile phone case brand from Sweden was really hot on ins last year. At that time, it was one that followed the trend. I did n’t expect that it was like RF. sea! !! !! It’s so good, you can’t pull it off when you put it on. How can you get a high-grade hand from a classic marble phone case? Low-key light luxury high-cold domineering, but do not feel uncomfortable, but also very thin, white pink marble suitable for summer, black dark green marble suitable for autumn and winter! What’s so super versatile! Then I went into their two free series shells. I really used the best and best-looking mobile phone shell. I do n’t recommend it is not a good socialist youth series. You can find out on the high-definition big picture, beauty is not discounted, quality is nothing to say, I am proud.


For girls who love to use beautiful mobile phone cases, their luck (Peach Blossom) will not be too bad (shyness covering their face). The beautiful, hot summer that cleaned up from the inside out, walking on the street like Qingquan Ganquan, the return rate was naturally high. How can a little fairy let go of any opportunity to make herself more beautiful and fairy!


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Recommended original mobile phone case! Taohua’s net red phone case is waiting for you to PICK!:Waiting for your first message!


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