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Recommend some good-looking iphone x phone cases?

Good-looking and not tacky.

This requirement is very high.

I only recommend three shells here

First recommendation

Apple Official Leather Case

Young, look at the pictures first, they are all real shots


Let me talk about the advantages first. Extreme. Real leather is made of sheepskin, which has a much finer texture than the first layer of cowhide. Although it is not as delicate and comfortable as silicone, it feels more comfortable in leather. When it comes to the extreme, it is reflected in the aspects of workmanship, packaging, protection, and details. It is the most exquisite in leather case, the best wrapping, the best protection and the best details.


The exquisiteness is reflected in the manual edging of the leather protective shell, where the leather is bent at the rounded corners, but this shell handles the folds to an almost negligible level at the bent part.

There are buttons, all-metal CNC, anodized to a color close to the fuselage, and the buttons feel particularly good.


Wrapped, it is described as being loose and solid after installing the mobile phone. There are many leather shells that are very tightly wrapped, but they also need to be pulled with a lot of force when they are removed. This shell does not need to be removed with a little effort, but there is no looseness in wearing. The control of mold leather thickness is very high.

2, durable


The properties of natural leather determine its durability, which is unmatched by silicone. Compared to silicone, leather is not stained, it is not easy to be dirty, and it will form a natural texture and gloss over time. The inner microfiber protects the surrounding glass and back glass well, and has no effect on wireless charging. 3, texture texture is the biggest advantage of this shell, in my opinion.


The texture is great, whether it feels or looks, the sense of grade comes out instantly. Disadvantages are thick, the official shells are relatively thick, this is a compromise made for protection. The leather surface is easily scratched by sharp objects. The lighter color of the sleeve, the color will change with the infiltration of moisture such as sweat for a long time. It is said that this is the soul of the leather sleeve. Generally speaking, it is dirty, and the black condition is much better. expensive.

Second recommendation

Official Liquid Silicone Case


The structure of the silicone shell is divided into three layers.

The surface is covered with liquid silicone, the middle is a PC hard shell, and the innermost is a microfiber lining.



1. Unbeatable feel

The feel of silicone is not too good. After touching it, I believe that everyone will buy one. The close-to-hand skin feeling, the right friction between the shell and the hand, and a soft, non-soft feeling.

2. Still like the leather case, exquisite workmanship, excellent wrapping and protection, and superb details.


It seems that the disadvantages of silicone shells are greater than leather.


Easy to get dust, especially when you take it out of your pocket. Fortunately, it can be removed with just one touch.
The friction is particularly high when packed in a pocket and the experience is not good.
As the silica gel coating is used for a longer period of time, the surface of the silica gel will wear out, and the hand feel will be worse.
Silicone should still be handled with care, sharp objects are easy to puncture.
In terms of product power, this price is not expensive.

Last recommendation

Braided shell

I said two very expensive shells, and suddenly came a very cheap woven shell, don’t be surprised.



The appearance is simple, the hand feels good, it will not be slippery or hard, it can be said that it is a versatile set and does not stick to fingerprints.
TPU material is moderately soft. The characteristics of this material are stability, excellent acid and alkali resistance, and no fear of sweating.
Full package, all-round protection. At the same time, the mold opening accuracy is good at this price, there is no obvious mold clamping line, and the workmanship is of a high standard.


The camera part protrudes a little, which can reduce the risk of rubbing the lens on the desktop.
Cheap. Some people always say that it is cheap but not good. As the saying goes, is it a bit too cheap to spend tens of thousands of sets of shells, and I think it depends on the product. .


Disadvantages Due to the soft material of TPU, some people may feel that the compactness of the package is insufficient. The thickness of the sleeve is only about 1mm, which is not as protective as the official silicone shell, but the advantage is that it is thin and light, and it is easy to hold in your hand. Behind the small hole design, there will be some dust or something left on the phone case for a few days, and you can take it out regularly to clean it up. Cheap. Hahahaha When did this become a shortcoming …


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