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Since the iPhone11 conference, I haven’t slept well, and everyone knows that the iPhone11 single model has sold more than 12 million units, and 11p and 11pm are also good sales. Behind these sales, we must have our mobile phone protective shell Supplier cooperation.

If you think about so many mobile phones, you need to buy a mobile phone case to protect them. Our responsibility is so great, so we dare not relax at all! If the person who bought the iPhone 11 did not have a protective cover, it would break the glass on the back of the phone. What a crime!

In the era of iPhone 11’s big caves and mobile phone cases, many people sought to cover the camera hole, and we followed up. As shown below.


This iPhone11 series mobile phone case weighs less than 7g, has a thickness of no more than 0.7mm, and has a Kevlar texture on the surface. It really suits a lot of users.

But you have to ask me if I have any goods, I definitely do n’t have one. We ca n’t do all the export orders by ourselves … Go to the factory every day to urge the goods …

In fact, the best thing we sell is the transparent shell that turns yellow. Why? It must be because the transparent case makes it easier for people to see the most expensive color of iPhone11!

In addition, the emergence of iPhone11 also brought such a phone case!


That’s when you put it on, that is, you can turn the xm and x series into iPhone11 as many eyes or two more eyes! !!

There is also a more direct method, which is to install a camera cover, and multiple eyes …


Is it creative?

Sometimes the budget is not enough to rely on creativity!

That’s how we can seize any business opportunity! Even people who did not buy iPhone11 can make money.


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