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Phone case gives the phone a new look

Mobile phones are an indispensable part of people’s lives. The mobile phone case not only makes our mobile phones stand out, but also protects our mobile phones. Today’s mobile phones are no better than the previous Nokia. They can “smash walnuts”. The current mobile phones are very expensive. , Not only the price is expensive, but also the material. The metal shell used in previous mobile phones, the current mobile phone is not only full-screen glass structure, some of the back cover are still made of glass, a little careless, Will break into slag. Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, the first thing many people do when they buy a mobile phone is to buy it “armor” quickly, so as not to “fall”. But nowadays, mobile phone cases are more and more diverse and different, and their functions have also increased. In addition to protecting the phone, it is also to increase visual enjoyment. The wide variety of mobile phone cases on the market is dazzling.


Every stitch and every thread can reflect our pursuit of quality. This small fragrant rivet style mobile phone case from Mu Di is selected from imported PU leather. It has light weight, fire resistance, water resistance, mothproof, mildew resistance, and It is a new type of green and non-toxic environmental protection material, which is widely used in the manufacturing industry. Lingge is a classic and timeless element, a combination of fashion and connotation. Simple rhombus pattern, small fragrant high-grade patent leather leather feel, comes with a high-level sense, the surface is studded with rivet elements and embroidery elements, full of punk temperament classic look; endows a refined and elegant attitude to life, but not distinguished temperament and unique; The real machine opens the mold, the holes are precise, and the leather feels; the inner lining uses real microfiber flocking to not hurt the back of the machine, the texture is delicate; the super-protective design, caring for the camera intimately; the uniform coloring frame, the independent keys are sensitive; multiple color options, Make love machine beautiful every day!


This simple wrinkled smiley face mobile phone case, full-cover soft shell, with a very eye-catching yellow and black color scheme, with a rhombus smiley face, the surface is wrinkled and bumpy, delicate frosted, reserved for lanyard holes; the shape of the entire shell is one 100%, all-inclusive touch-sensitive camera, increase the life of the lens; open the mold of the real machine, fit the shell, accurate hole position, does not hinder normal charging; edge design, can be used to protect the mobile phone in daily life and protect it It provides a certain degree of anti-slip or protection effect, but the effect of the mobile phone casing is different due to the different material production processes. I hope that you should avoid high drops, high impact and keep away from water pipes and high temperatures during use.

New year new weather, this rich and wealthy mobile phone case uses a new year red background with golden font filling. It is a mobile phone case that cannot be ignored. It is made of full-covered silicone soft shell. Feeling, reserved lanyard hole, can be equipped with lanyard; lens height design to avoid wear and scratch; button power design, auxiliary button; then with high-end fox fur ball, convenient and practical, soft and delicate feel, each fur ball is It is carefully selected, and the turn-back rate is high. Mu Ye carefully crafts every detail and strives to bring you a better experience. This is one of the essentials for autumn and winter.


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