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Multi-color optional tri-shell phone case


The composite armor (TPU + PC) shell has now become more differentiated, with many subtypes appearing. Protective, or beautiful, or both.


The back adopts a whole frosted transparent PC board, the LOGO can pass through, it feels good and is anti-fingerprint. There is a lanyard hole with a protruding structure in the lower left corner. This is a new design that has recently become popular.

Outside the PC board is a circle of hard plastic PC. Multi-color design is adopted, there are many colors to choose from, and e-commerce pictures have no color difference.

The outermost and middle frame positions use traditional TPU material and have a non-slip structure, which is very good.

Overall shape, beautiful atmosphere.

Protective force

Because it is a composite protective case, the back protection is better, but the front is made of TPU material, and there are not many screens out. So the frontal protection is average.

There are no airbags at the four corners, but they are covered with hard rubber PC, which has certain protection.

Craftsmanship and feel

No overall noise and color difference. However, there may be details of the alignment in some places, and you need to pay attention to the purchase. The matte PC board feels good and resists fingerprints.

The bottom is a long hole, which is a pity. According to the material thickness of the TPU, it can be made into a round hole, and it can be accurately aligned.


Falling from the front, the protection force is average, equivalent to the level of ordinary TPU shell.

Details need to be improved.

Cell Phone Card:
Name: Multi-color optional tri-shell
Type: Soft and Hard Shell
Material: frame TPU + frame PC + back panel PC
Design features: beautiful and generous
Lanyard hole: bottom left corner of the back panel
Display Apple Logo: Transparent
Bottom hole: long hole
Feel: Middle and Upper
Protection: Medium
Weight: light
Wireless charging: compatible
Applicable people: all



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