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Is there so much attention to picking a phone case? Do you know these four points

After many people buy a mobile phone, the first thing is to equip the mobile phone with a suitable mobile phone case, but the mobile phone case that many people buy can not have the function of a real mobile phone case. Thousands of mobile phone money have been spent, but they are buying Mobile phone case is convenient and not willing to spend money, it is too late to regret it when the phone breaks!

In fact, there are many types of mobile phone cases, and the protection capabilities of each phone case are different. For example, the most common silicone phone cases and plastic phone cases are also soft and hard cases that we often say. Many people know that soft The protective case of the mobile phone case is stronger.

However, due to the material and feel, soft-shell mobile phone cases also cause many people to criticize. For example, the mobile phone shell pattern is not as good as the hard-shell mobile phone case, and the hand feel is not as good as the hard shell.

In fact, this is not the case. Hard-shell mobile phone cases are divided into half-package mobile phone cases and all-inclusive mobile phone cases. However, the material of hard-shell mobile phone cases can completely resist your daily fall. There is no need to worry about falling safely.

But when buying a mobile phone case, you must remember the following four points!

1: Don’t be greedy for cheap, choose inferior mobile phone case within 10 yuan, the material of this kind of mobile phone case can not reach the standard of anti-fall.

2: Don’t buy a transparent thin soft case, because this kind of mobile phone case is a soft case, but most of the transparent material is soft, unless the mobile phone case with air cushion is strong in anti-fall.

3: When you buy a mobile phone case, choose a soft case as much as possible. If you choose a hard case, you must choose a material that can resist the drop. Generally, a three-pack hard shell is recommended, so that it is more resistant to drop.

4: Do not change the phone case for a long time, because the phone case used for a long time, if it is a soft shell material, the elasticity will slowly disappear, and the hard case for a long time will become hard and unable to resist the ability to fall and bump.



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Is there so much attention to picking a phone case? Do you know these four points:Waiting for your first message!


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