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Is there any case for iPhone XR?

I am quite picky about mobile phone cases. I have bought many mobile phone cases before and after, and have used all kinds of them. Silicone, transparent, ultra-thin, and various other types. I personally like to feel thinner. A too thick shell, although more protective, obviously affects the operation. There is also a very thin one, which feels good but has poor protection, and it is easy to scratch, and I don’t like it very much. In addition, I like the crispness of the buttons of the original machine, so this is also an important consideration. Although the thickness of some mobile phone cases is satisfactory, the buttons are uncomfortable. Pressed feedback is terrible. So I always pick and pick, 7p used before, most of the phone cases in the answer have been used, in addition, I am male, so women are more gorgeous, I have never bought and used. Finally, the 7p mobile phone case uses a woven case. The thinner buttons also feel good, and then they are more durable, so it took a long time.


That’s it, the picture is from Apple 11, but 7p uses this. It has a certain degree of protection, but it can’t be compared with that kind of silicone. It feels good, the buttons are quite crisp, and it is generally satisfactory. If you calculate 10 points, you can count 8 points. The main feeling is that you can design more beautiful points later, which is even better. Recently changed xr, and tossed several types of mobile phone cases. Because the xr black frame is really large, if you bring a thick black phone case, the black border is really embarrassing. Considering the thickness and button issues, this phone case is temporarily used, as shown below


The back of this shell is frosted, the hard shell is soft, the edging is soft, and the buttons are independent. They are relatively thin, at least personally acceptable. The frosted case is not easy to get fingerprints, and it is not like that of transparent glass, which is slippery. This type does not need to consider yellowing. This case is a bit black and transparent, and other colors of mobile phones can be seen. point. Seeing opinions here, seeing personal preferences. There are the same types on Taobao that come out earlier, like the picture below


This looks similar to the one I sent, but this kind of frame needs to be much thicker. In addition, the shell has stains or oily fingerprints that are more difficult to clean. It is obvious that the stains and marks are stained, and the frame is not resistant to dirt My wife used the back frame to turn yellow and black. After using it for a while, she just threw it away. The kind of shell I bought has not been found to be difficult to clean for the time being. It is not easy to see if there is sweat on my hand, just wipe the clothes or wipe the tissue. So there are differences between similar products. Including the top woven shell, there are differences in the product buttons of different stores. Although the thickness is about the same, the details of the buttons are still different. Some are very good, and some are almost feel. Because my xr also started the weaving shell for the first time, but compared with the black weaving of the 7p, it looks similar, but the button feels almost handy. So it took two days and changed again. So this is the case for mobile phones


This case camera can also be protected, but the camera of this case has a gap. Although it is scratch-proof, dust will still enter, which is also a defect of this case. Overall, I can score 8.5 points. If there is no gap in the camera, I can score 9 points.

The back of the case is the same, but the frame has many colors.


So I bought another one to see if the borders of other colors can be better distinguished, so the border thickness may look better. Although this black one is not thick, it ’s better to be thin

In addition, this store also bought another mobile phone case


The front and back views, this case is not thick, and the buttons are okay, but there is no crispy point now, so I cut the button part with a knife, the feel is as crisp as the current case, so I can use it for spare. The picture looks thick but not really thick. However, when I bought this mobile phone case, I didn’t know whether it was a problem with the original design materials or a shipping problem. The mobile phone case was a bit distorted, and there was no problem with it, it was a little tight. The above two mobile phone cases are relatively satisfactory, one 8.5 points, mainly due to the gap in the camera protection, the other case 7.5 points, the buttons are almost, but also better than some cases, you need to do a small change yourself. For the time being, the above pictures are from the real pictures in the comments and the official pictures, because my mobile phone is in the code, too lazy to take pictures. If you have any questions or want to ask, you can leave a message in the comments.


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