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Is there a recommended xsmax transparent phone case?

First of all, the transparent shell will turn yellow.

If you ca n’t accept it, do n’t look down.

Can accept and continue.

We will have yellow transparent shells, which will be divided into two types. One is a slower yellow PC material, but this material is a hard structure. It is a bit laborious to install it. You still worry about such a hard The shell will smash the mobile phone. If you are worried, don’t choose it, because the hard and transparent material of the PC does not have to fall, and a fall is basically broken, you must buy a new one.

The other is the TPU material that yellows relatively quickly. This material belongs to soft texture, and there will be a certain soft cushion on the ground. Why don’t you like any good set? Because it will turn yellow! And many people are pursuing a mobile phone case that will not turn yellow in their lives, just like you are pursuing an object that will not grow old in your life.

And when you say that you need to feel it, the transparent nature directly causes it to have no feel. The feel here should refer to the comfortable feel. I personally guess it is the official shell surface of skin-like type. Actually this is awkward because of the feel. The coating will make the transparent shell frosted, so it feels good and transparent, which has become an unattainable dream.

The subject has just one demand put forward this profound product …

I can only say that if you want to be transparent, don’t feel it.

If it’s simple, transparent and anti-fall, I can only recommend this

The product belongs to the test link. If you buy it, consider it yourself … Anyway, you don’t like to have a refund service.



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