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Is the phone case hard or soft?

Hee hee, I belong to the mobile phone case madness. I also bought a few hard cases. In summary, the advantages are: the hard case is very thin and light and the hand feels very good. The mobile phone is broken, of course, some disassembly is okay, it is not so strenuous, and the pattern on the hard shell is easy to wear, whether it is matte or glossy, it is also easy to be dirty, so I personally feel softened. Put a few of my mobile phone cases under the case, I bought a lot of mobile phone cases less than a year ago


The above three are hard shells, some of which are not useful yet are not easy to disassemble, and the pattern will take less than a month, and the surface texture will also take


I like these clean water shells, especially the pink transparent shell with blush gold is pretty good, but it is too dirty for me, I can wipe it with alcohol someday


These two are hard and soft, hahaha I do n’t know if you know what I mean, very practical and feel good, but in a few days you may feel that the pattern is naive and silly, it is not necessary, and it is easy to pass the aesthetics fatigue


These two have been placed by me for a long time. I love them in winter, and they do n’t have aesthetic fatigue. There are still a few colors I did n’t find, but they also feel good. Then I can clean them with wet paper towels, but they feel too heavy in summer. Moving bricks hahaha


Add a filter Hahaha don’t spit me, I recently liked this transparent shell with a pattern, you are the cutest gummy bear wearing it!


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