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iPhone case, I only recommend these five models

How do you usually choose a case for your iPhone?

Looking at the pattern? Looking at the price? See the explosion?

Have you really chosen a phone case?

How many mobile phone cases have you bought for nothing?

There are a lot of iPhone cases on the market, and there are very many types. How do you choose the one you want from many phone cases? Today, the author will recommend five iPhone cases for everyone’s needs to ensure that you don’t buy them for nothing.

1, it’s simple: be anti-fall and simple

“The iPhone is expensive, but I often don’t care about it. I don’t want to break the phone. I need a drop-proof phone case.”

Many users and friends often intentionally or unintentionally “throw the phone”. In daily life, we sometimes cannot guarantee that we will carefully protect the phone every time. It’s troublesome to drop the phone. Repair? Too expensive; bear? It ’s uncomfortable, and even more serious, it may be completely unusable. Many of the contents stored in the mobile phone are gone, and you still have to change the phone.

Then you need a shatter-resistant mobile phone case at this time. If you just want to shatter-resistant, but also do not want to lose the original appearance of the phone, the transparent green all-inclusive shatter-resistant soft shell recommended by the author below may be your dish.

The general glass shell, plastic shell, and electroplated shell may not be so drop-proof. This all-inclusive soft shell of Green Alliance is made of TPU (a kind of polymer material between rubber and plastic). Anti-slip and anti-fingerprint. There are airbags on all four corners, which can effectively protect the mobile phone when dropped.

In addition, the case is not thick, only 0.9mm, and the laser-engraved dot heat dissipation structure is used on the contact surface with the phone, so there is no need to worry about the heat dissipation caused by wearing the phone case. At the same time, devices that support wireless charging can use the wireless charging function even when wearing a case.

At present, this phone case starts at 19.9, and friends who need it can go and buy it.

2, like the official shell appearance, but it is too expensive

I like the texture and appearance of Apple’s official mobile phone case, but I can’t hold my hands in the face of more than 300 prices. Even if you chop your hand, the mobile phone case is an accessory that needs to be changed frequently. How to do? The phone case below will help you.


It is important that this iPhone case not only has an official appearance, but also has a skin-like feel.

Those in need can go to buy.

3, we need literary temperament and texture

Some users like small, fresh and artistic style, and seek to be different. The iPhone case introduced by this Patriot can meet this kind of demand.


Patriot’s iPhone matcha-colored mobile phone case has original design copyrights to meet the user’s artistic and personal needs.

In addition, in terms of workmanship, there is no loss of workmanship because of the main artistic design. The all-inclusive casing and the design that is higher than the lens have further improved the protection of the mobile phone case.

4, the “fisheye” lens is not good-looking? Take it with you

Nowadays, many users talk about the iPhone’s camera, so how to make it a form?


This phone case from Nohon can make your iPhone full of technology. Get rid of the user’s visual impression of “fisheye”. The phone case uses a mirrored design that looks very dazzling in the light. The design of the three-dimensional glass mirror on the lens can not only increase the aesthetics, but also protect the camera from being scratched.

In terms of feel, the surface of the phone case is covered with UV varnish, which can greatly reduce the glass texture of the iPhone. In addition, this layer of UV varnish can also reduce the oxidation speed of the phone case. Even if the white back case is purchased, it will not turn yellow due to oxidation.

5, trendy couple models, this is suitable

Bought a couple machine, change the couple shell. Now, Patriot has launched a trendy cartoon bear-themed iPhone case


how about it? Does it look good? Is there still a feeling of “travel box”? Every day I take it out is like traveling.

In addition, in the summer, the hand sweats, and the bumpy design can effectively reduce the contact area of ​​the mobile phone with the hand, and it will be less likely to sweat.


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