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In this age of looking at faces, you still need a personalized mobile phone case

The iPhone is always the same, so you can only work on the phone case. Some iPhone cases want fashion and uniqueness, and they hope that they can lead the trend and avoid popularization.

A beautiful, unique and stylish mobile phone case must be a polished and detailed phone case. Not only can it protect our iPhone, but let us show your unique aesthetic taste in the details, and even the recent mood state.

Different color mobile phone cases can make your iPhone bring different experiences to yourself every day, so if you want to pull the fashion and stay out of date, you can customize some mobile phone cases with different styles in Rui Wu, and change according to your mood and clothing at any time! Hey ~

We, today’s guests are this — Rui Wu super chicken version [liquid gold series] iPhone case, I believe that many of you are no longer strangers.

But sorry, today this flowing gold shell may want to subvert your perception!


Things still need to start with a chicken. Those who are familiar with Rui Wu also know that it is the chicken named “Super Chicken”. As the mascot of Rui Wu 2017, most of its products are special editions of Super Chicken specially designed and manufactured.


This gold-plated mobile phone case was launched on the New Year’s Eve this year. After several tangles, our designers finally decided that Nima should not be tangled, and the whole shell will not be made of gold!

As a result, this brilliant red and elegant mobile phone case that even Rui dance brother has never seen before.


Whole body plating

Out of the ordinary

At first glance, I thought it was a red silicone shell. In fact, it is still the environmentally friendly high-quality TPU flowing gold shell you are familiar with, but it is plated with red flowing gold paint on the whole body. You can find the secret in the back.


It is still transparent TPU material. Under backlight conditions, the fingers behind the shell can be clearly reflected.


In addition, whole body plating has a benefit. Everyone knows that TPU material will turn yellow after using it for a long time, and the flowing gold shell that has undergone whole body plating treatment will never have to worry about yellowing and other issues, and the plating process does not have to worry about varnish.


This red is special

Because it is electroplated flowing gold paint, the red of the flowing gold shell seems very special. Under normal lighting, the color saturation will be lower than the ordinary big red, and the overall look is beautiful, soft, and not red hot eyes. Called the best case for iPhone 7 so far.


In addition, the surface processed by the gold process has a variety of colors at reflective and non-reflective angles, which are cool when reflecting and low in backlight.


Internal thermal design

Every time the iPhone is updated or updated, the phone may become hot. In addition, if the mobile phone is left under high load for a long time, the mobile phone will also become hot, for example, the “king pesticide” will be heated for a long time.

The interior of this mobile phone case is evenly arranged with small protrusions, which can maintain the air circulation between the mobile phone and the mobile phone case without affecting the fit of the case and the mobile phone. The heated air between the phone and the phone case will be expelled in time.


Surprise! The water-proof finger-proof fingerprint ions on the surface of the flowing gold shell can effectively remove fingerprints.

Fine and precise hole position

Secure package

In the case of the sharp dance, the hole positions are always the most accurate and suitable, such as the 1 mm sound reinforcement hole below the mobile phone. The height of the camera is 0.2 mm to avoid lens scratches.


This flowing gold case is no exception. Whether it is a very small sound hole or a raised, tightly fitted lens protection ring, the demanding quality is everywhere. The iPhone 7 is tightly wrapped around the four corners, and collision and friction are avoided to eliminate potential safety hazards!


Use effect display

With such an outrageous shell, what effect would different people have when using it? Here, Rui Wu finds a few different types of friends, men and women, young and old. Let’s make up the right seats.



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In this age of looking at faces, you still need a personalized mobile phone case:Waiting for your first message!


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