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How to tell the quality of an iPhone case

In 3C accessories products, the most inseparable part is probably the mobile phone case. As the” second face “of the mobile phone, when we choose a mobile phone case, we must not only consider the” face value “, but also actually consider Its “intrinsic”-that is, whether it is easy to use and whether the protection of the mobile phone is comprehensive. Now there are many “good-looking” mobile phone cases on the market, but few can achieve “look and strength” at the same time. Today I want to I recommend a Turas plated mobile phone case, which is really a good-looking and easy-to-use representative.

First of all, in terms of appearance, I have not emphasized much. It uses high-quality and delicate TPU raw materials, which are extremely thin and light. The flexibility is also very good, you can hold it in your hand and knead it without deformation. A variety of colors are available, which is more beautiful when used with iphone 6 series mobile phones.


Then, it is “internal”, and I want to focus on its protective performance. As a mobile phone case, protecting the mobile phone is the most important thing. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Raised design protects the camera

For iPhone 6, its protruding camera will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of protection. In the past, many mobile phone cases were not applicable. What comes with it is that the protective shell needs to be a little thicker. At least when the mobile phone is placed on the table, the camera cannot directly contact the desktop, and the possibility of foreign objects hitting the camera is minimized to extend the service life.


As shown in the figure, the Turas plating mobile phone case will protect the camera well. The design that is higher than the 0.2MM of the camera is not very complicated. It is a very small design, but it protects the lens well and eliminates the worries when we use it.

High flexibility, excellent seismic performance

As far as my personal experience is concerned, I don’t like mobile phone cases with high hardness. Although it seems that the harder the phone case, the better the protection, but as the saying goes, the soft can overcome the rigidity. When the phone is dropped on the hard ground, it will cause greater damage when it is hit hard. At this time, if it is a flexible phone case, the impact force will be well relieved, thereby protecting the phone from additional damage.

Edge height 0.2mm, take care of the screen

As long as the protective cover can achieve a certain distance above the screen, that is, the screen will not contact the desktop when the phone screen is lowered, so even if the screen falls down, at least the first time, the screen will not The earth is in close contact. The importance of the mobile phone screen is self-evident. If the screen is damaged, the repair cost is usually a lot, and it is often necessary to disassemble the mobile phone. Pay special attention to the performance of the mobile phone case in this regard.

For this Turas electroplated case, its edge is 0.2mm higher than the phone screen. Don’t underestimate this 0.2mm, the effect is really big. I have observed carefully that when the phone is placed on the desktop, the screen does not directly contact the desktop, and the care of the phone screen is meticulous.



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