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How to print the effect of mobile phone shell sand sculpture?

How to achieve the effect of sand sculpture of mobile phone shell with UV printer? I believe that many customers and mobile phone case enthusiasts will want to know the answer, what is the effect of printing a mobile phone case with a UV flatbed printer. UV printing is now a new type, it is gradually replacing the traditional process, so that the printed image is better, and the cost and labor are fully utilized. Therefore, many tile, cardboard, and wood board manufacturers now use UV flatbed printers as a new printing process. Now let Dacheng Guangchi UV printer manufacturer give you a brief introduction. The embossed relief and beautiful patterns on the phone case are printed. Is the printing process complicated?

Everyone knows that a good handicraft must go through a lot of complicated craftsmanship, such as coloring, carving, sandblasting, glazing, etc. to make it perfectly. The artistic effect of the three-dimensional effect. If the mobile phone case only needs a simple relief effect, it is completely unnecessary. You only need a UV flatbed printer to solve this problem. If the UV flatbed printer achieves the relief effect of the mobile phone case?

The embossing effect of the mobile phone case is mainly based on the accumulation of white ink. The main component of white ink is phthalo white powder, and the particles are relatively large, so it is easy to accumulate the embossing effect. UV flatbed printer prints the embossed effect. The mobile phone case prints white ink first. When the white ink accumulates to a certain thickness and the embossed effect appears, the color ink is printed again to complete the UV printing effect of the entire relief.


The steps for printing the embossed effect of a mobile phone case by a UV printer are simple and convenient, and it is easier to achieve. It is also important for the operator’s proficiency and technical level to achieve a good printing effect. Many processes have greatly saved the production cost. This is also the advantage of the traditional process of UV flatbed printers. I believe that many mobile phone shell manufacturers want to understand it.


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