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Hand drawn phone cases

The best day off is not where you go to play, but what you want to do.

The day before, I planned what to do during the rest. I got up at 8 o’clock to buy vegetables, stew a pot of delicious bone soup, and put some vegetables I like.

Draw a mobile phone case at noon, and then take a nap, and get up for dinner, it is perfect.

Let ’s insert a hand-drawn process below

Seeing this table was ruined by me, it’s all glue.

After drawing a few strokes, I remember to take a photo. The material is still a mobile phone case, and the previous paint was used.


After drawing the line draft, you should be able to see what I am drawing.


Paint the color and find some strange places when taking pictures, modify it slightly.


Ok i did my best


The finished product is still good when viewed from afar, but cannot be viewed close.


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