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Embossed effect printer-custom printing of cell phone case relief effect is actually very simple!

The custom printed relief effect of the phone case is actually very simple!

With the increasing number of smartphones, the protection of mobile phone cases has become a basic demand. The resulting mobile phone case industry has also flourished. However, bumping the shell everywhere has made many consumers not very satisfied. With the continuous improvement of living standards, it is difficult to meet people’s psychological needs for this kind of uniform shell.


As a result, personalized DIY handmade mobile phone cases were once sought after by people. Because it is a hand-made product, of course I like it and prefer to wear it. However, many mobile phone cases increase the personalized needs of the product by adding other objects on the basis of the original transparent phone case. Wearing on the original phone will affect the feel of holding the phone, although it will attract some DIY enthusiasts. However, inconvenience in use has become a problem.

In order to better meet customer needs for personalized customization, simpler and more efficient mobile phone case DIY customization machines have appeared. Machines like Heinyin, which can print patterns directly on cell phone cases, appeared. This device printed directly on the pattern surface can give consumers a better user experience, and it will not affect the normal use of the mobile phone.


Therefore, the printed pattern on the back of the mobile phone case is all the rage, and it is very popular among consumers. Among the consumer’s favorite shell products, custom glass cases and custom embossed cases are most sought after by users, and custom glass cases I remember that there were professional introductions before, and I wo n’t explain them here. Click this link to see them: There is no detailed introduction to the embossed custom phone case. In fact, whether it is glass or embossed, it is through such a small UV Printed out, the new small UV printer can easily print embossed mobile phone case.

In fact, the printing relief process is to pile the most three-dimensional pattern with white ink on the surface of the phone case, and then print the colored pattern with color ink on the white background again. The combination of the two produces a mobile phone with a relief effect. Shell, if you want to understand in detail how an operation process is, you can contact us for detailed introduction.


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Embossed effect printer-custom printing of cell phone case relief effect is actually very simple!:Waiting for your first message!


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