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Does a cream phone case look good or a glued phone case look good?

At present, there are many mobile phone cases on the market, but the quality is uneven. It is especially important to choose a good phone case. In order to take care of the hand addiction party, a “good-hearted” design team launched a playable mobile phone case-Ludicase mobile phone case, so that you can not only play mobile phones, but even mobile phone cases!

Fun decompression phone case-Ludicase


If you ca n’t rest your hands, this phone case is definitely your savior!

There are several different protruding areas on the Ludicase phone case. Whether you press, rub, rotate or pinch, this phone case can satisfy your hand addiction.


The design team also combined the decompression toy with the phone case and designed 4 playable areas.

They are the dot press area at the top, the rotation area in the middle, the massage area at the bottom, and the ball area in the lower left corner.


Touch it at any time and press it to satisfy your restless fingers.


High-quality fingertip massage area, using silicone material, delicate and soft unforgettable feel, massage your fingertips!


Don’t forget the tiny balls at the bottom that touch your fingertips. 3 micro-balls provide a sliding healing touch, making your fingertips agitate, which is more conducive to concentration ~



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