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Defense Shield Hard Armor — The fighter in a phone case

Introduction to Defense

I didn’t know that there was such an excellent mobile phone case manufacturer in China.

Out of the box

Defense’s logo, marked in the upper right corner with three meters anti-fall. The big red metal frame gives me inexplicable comfort.


On the back are some product details, as well as the official IDs of the major foreign social media.


Flip up the lid. The top cover is the main feature of the Shield series. Under the transparent plastic case is the Defense Shield series mobile phone case.


The transparent back shell and the big red metal frame make it feel comfortable and cold in the winter evening.

The Defense Shield series is said to use a five-fold anti-fall system, with 12 patents for anti-fall, unclear!

The red metal frame is made of aerospace aluminum, which is lightweight and can strengthen the phone case, which has better anti-fall performance.


The inner frame of the mobile phone is engraved with the Defense Shield series. Although it is engraved on the inside, I like these logos very much to prove that people are making products from the inside out.

Just as Master Joe said when he made the first-generation Mac, even if the inside of the case is invisible to others, it needs to be regular.


There is an energy-absorbing airbag on the inside to give more comprehensive protection to the phone frame.


There are such airbags all around, and it is really hard core!


This big red metal frame is really good-looking, and the high-transparent back shell is deeply loved by her daughter-in-law. Two black vertical rubbers make the back of the entire phone case more three-dimensional and more comfortable to hold.


The position of the buttons on the side is very regular without any burrs.


There are tire-like textures on the top and bottom, which is very design.


The sides of the lower part of this phone case are printed with the brand logo DEFENSE and X-doria respectively.


Real shot on the machine

According to the official tips, click on the camera first, then press the bottom into it, and the phone case is installed.

The dark green 11 Pro looks great after being put on, and it fits tightly after the phone case is installed, and it feels very good.


One from the front, with a bulge of at least 1mm on all sides, providing a sense of security.


The rear camera area is taken care of, and a large circle of rubber protects it, so you no longer have to worry about lens wear and tear.


Looking at it from the side feels more obvious, and the grip is really good.


The opening of the side volume key is very precise, that is, the frame is slightly wider, and you need to reach in to press it.


The tire design is more clearly seen at the bottom, and the charging port and the microphone port are aligned accurately.

? ? ? strange! The bell mouth is not at the bottom. Where did it go?


It turned out that this is the innovative three-dimensional surround sound hole of the Defense mobile phone case, which opened the speaker hole to the lower front. Designed to allow users to avoid fingers blocking the speaker holes when playing games.


to sum up
After several days of actual use, the overall experience of this Defense shield metal frame phone case is still very good.

①. Defense Shield has made great efforts in anti-dropping. The protrusions up to 1mm protect the front of the phone and the camera area. The airbag design around the phone makes the phone more secure. The addition of aluminum alloy metal frame is the finishing touch both in feel and appearance.

②. Each opening of the protective cover is accurate, the key feedback is crisp, and the design of the three-dimensional surround sound port is very innovative. Gamers no longer need to worry about blocking the speaker hole with their right hands.

③. The transparent design on the back can well display the original color of the back of the phone, and the vertical stripes on both sides make the entire back look more stylish.

④. Thanks to the good industrial design, the Defense Shield mobile phone case feels very good on the iPhone 11 Pro.


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