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Can it be a suitcase or a mobile phone case? Rimowa sky mobile phone case

We may not be familiar with this brand, Rimowa is a German luggage brand. Now it has a history of more than 100 years. After a century of development, Rimo has become a giant in the travel suitcase industry. In recent years, it has also entered China and has been well received by Chinese consumers.


Rimowa was born in 1989, and it has been 110 years to this day. After so many years of unremitting efforts and innovation of Morszeck, Rimowa has today. In 1937, Rimowa began to use aviation aluminum as the material of suitcases, which completely changed the materials of suitcases, which triggered a revolution in the suitcase industry. The design at that time also looks very avant-garde now, so the earliest grooved design has been used to this day. Now this design has become a feature of Rimowa, making people think of this design and think of Rimowa. In 2000, Rimowa developed a new polycarbonate material, which has high strength and elasticity, and has strong impact resistance. It’s odorless and harmless to the human body. Therefore, the launch of this new material suitcase has attracted a large number of fans for Rimo, and it is very popular all over the world.


Rimowa suitcases are stronger and lighter than other brands, and the experience is very good. For a suitcase, weight and impact resistance are very important. These two advantages of Zimmerva make it durable for hundreds of years. The innovation of materials makes it have more young fans, increases the sense of fashion, and is sought after by young people, which has also set off a new era of suitcases. In the production of each box, Rimowa’s requirements are also very strict, completely inheriting the rigorous and meticulous spirit of German companies. It is precisely because of the responsible attitude towards each product that Mowa will become more and more popular in recent years.


Although Rimowa has many advantages, although its products are very good, they are also very expensive. The basic price of an ordinary suitcase is around 5,000 yuan, which is difficult for most people to afford. Recently, Zimmerwa has attracted the attention of many people. Is it going to make a new suitcase again? So expensive boxes are not worth it.


This time it’s not the case, but Apple’s phone case. On January 22, 2019, the official website of Rimowa released news that three iPhone cases were released, namely iPhoneXS, iPhoneXS Max and iPhoneXR. Each category has two colors, one is silver for men and the other is pink, which is more suitable for girls. Since it is a mobile phone case, it must have certain protection. Therefore, the exterior of these mobile phone cases are made of aluminum alloy material, which is consistent with the suitcases of the same brand. The inside of the phone case is made of shock-resistant TPU material, which greatly increases the anti-fall ability. From the appearance, it is more like a suitcase, and it is still a classic groove design of Rimowa. This groove greatly increases the anti-skid ability and the comfort of holding in the hand. In general, this phone case is relatively new in style and has a strong anti-fall ability. The domestic price of this mobile phone case is more than 800. As a mobile phone case, the price of more than 800 is still too expensive.


Rimowa’s phone case is probably a signal from Rimowa. It used to be only a suitcase, but it is likely to launch other products in the future. More products can bring more profits. If companies want to develop better, they must innovate. The role of innovation is crucial.


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