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Are you using a soft or hard phone case?

Many friends often tangled is why there is a hard shell? That’s the question of friends who like soft shells; however, those who like hard shells can also ask the same opposite question. Of course, there is a third case, just don’t know if the hard shell is good? Or soft shell?
In fact, the starting point of both soft and hard cases is to protect the phone case, which is the most basic and basic function of the phone case.

Friends who like soft shells have always questioned that hard materials can’t be better protected. In fact, hard materials can also drop the mobile phone on the ground to resist part of the impact force, and then the chipping may eventually occur. Continue to use, but the impact of the instantaneous absorption of fragmentation is completely dispersed, that is, the mobile phone case is sacrificed to protect the mobile phone. I have used a mobile phone case with a thickness of about 0.5-0.6MM, which is about one meter five or so high. When I fell to the ground, there was no problem with the impact surface of the phone, but the phone case broke, which confirms that there is actually protection. Of course, there are friends who are not protecting the top and tail of the hard shell, which is a very traditional hard shell. Now the latest hard shell is all-inclusive, and it has been wrapped on all four sides like the soft shell.

Here is a summary of the advantages of the hard shell

1. The hard shell made of transparent material does not turn yellow in a short period of time, and the soft and transparent one starts to turn yellow in 1-2 weeks. I can’t look directly after one month. I believe everyone will feel the same.

2. Hard materials can achieve very thin thickness. Currently, 0.3mm is advertised on the market, but 0.5mm-0.6mm can be done to avoid soft and wide suspicions. I wo n’t mention the brand here. If the soft material is ultra-thin, the limit is about 0.5mm, but the soft shell of the mobile phone case in this structure is particularly easy to stretch and deform, and it is particularly easy to turn yellow because the material is too thin.

3. The hard material is easier to process in the process, making the hard material color shell shape brighter or more handy, because the processing process has a process of oven drying, and the soft shell is particularly easy to deform in this process. Deformation at high temperatures over time, the factory will consider reducing the temperature or shortening the drying time, resulting in less than ideal results after processing.

4. The hard material can be kept for a long time without deformation. The soft material will easily become shiny, and some coatings with feel will peel off easily.



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