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Absolute personality, glare smart phone case

At present, people are more and more caring about mobile phones. Although bare metal can bring a good feel, how many people are willing to let their mobile phones streak? There are a lot of mobile phone cases on the market, and there are very few unique game phone cases, let alone the popular game king glory phone case.


Now ROG has satisfied the wish of the king of fans, especially in cooperation with “Glory of the King” to cooperate to customize a new glare smart protective shell. ROG launched two custom models, the epic skin “Millennium Fox” Li Bai and the exclusive test skin “Rose Lovers” Sun Shangxiang, which respectively cater to the needs of men and women in the market, can also be regarded as a special couple phone case.


The glare smart protective case uses a four-corner wrap design to protect the phone well even if dropped on the ground. This dazzling smart protective case is made of acrylic material, which is also designed to increase the degree of cushioning and indirectly provides double protection for protecting mobile phones. At the same time, the mobile phone case fits the skin, and the touch feels delicate and does not slip.


With the popularity of mobile phones, the diversity of mobile phone accessories has emerged. ROG Gaming Phone 2 is a gaming phone, base, handle, fan and many other accessories, and the dazzling smart phone case is more than just a phone case. Rich lighting effects and a symbolic game of personality The experience will make you feel very stylish. This phone case will be on sale on August 28th, and you don’t have to hurry to get started.


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