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5 trendy and eye-catching mobile phone cases worth buying

With the development of the information age, mobile phones seem to have taken root in our hands. For the influx of people, the mobile phone case is the new battlefield of wrestling trend fashion perspective. Hold the phone every day, how can the phone case be low? Therefore, a mobile phone case full of design sense is an indispensable single product for hipsters. In addition to reflecting your taste, it can also attract a lot of attention.


So Shi Laoshi recommends a few fun, eye-catching and affordable mobile phone cases for you, and quickly see if there is any “dish” for you!

1.RIPNDIP “ middle finger cat ” mobile phone case


RIPNDIP, a California street brand designed to inject more fun and fun into the mix, the popularity of the mascot “middle finger cat” Lord Nermal has directly swept the street market. The mobile phone case designed with the “middle finger cat” as its prototype is definitely 100% return, and the “middle finger cat” fully enclosed design can also protect your phone well.


2.Claustrum metal phone case


Japanese brand Claustrum’s minimalist style mobile phone case is a popular choice for influx of people in recent years. This phone case is made of high-strength stainless steel with hairline treatment. The middle of the back is also equipped with a flip design for fingers Support and mobile phone holder. However, every construction method and material processing of Claustrum is unique. It is also composed of expert craftsmanship and fine parts to ensure the quality and function of the product, and inject unique material details into seemingly humble life accessories.


3.ICECREAM TONG Oriental Beauty Case Phone Case

Shi Laoshi started to pay attention to ICECREAM TONG, a new brand, because it can play Chinese elements to the fullest. The “Oriental Beauty Shell” series of mobile phone cases created by ICECREAM TONG continue to maintain the brand’s characteristics. Using San Mao, Black Cat Sheriff, Qi Tian Dasheng and other classic Chinese animated characters to integrate current street popular culture, create Sneakerhead San Mao, hand The black cat sheriff holding a banana and posing with a 007 classic pose, and Qi Tiansheng who is holding a selfie stick to broadcast live. The most interesting is the “old oil of the old driver” inspired by “Zhenghua Red Oil”. Driving must be a refreshing medicine. Strong waist and kidneys can be a great song every night, very interesting!


4. TLD poison x Fatecarol “ No Friend ” mobile phone case


This “no friends” mobile phone case produced by TLD Toxic and Fatecarol, while ensuring durability and robustness, the three-dimensional inkjet printing also has better feel and non-slip performance. To tell you the truth, Shi Laoshi has been using it for two months, and it has not been broken after falling down a few times. It feels very good, and it costs only 39 yuan. The price / performance ratio is really “no friends”!


5.1626 x PAPERWORKS insight

How can we make our own products in the end? We 1626 and PAPERWORKS together created this eye-catching phone case! This mobile phone case is made of laser-cut PC material that is comfortable and durable. It is only 1.8mm thick. The 3D printed 98% high-fidelity color presents a “perspective” human skeleton pattern, which is very eye-catching. In addition to eye-catching, the combined design also provides good protection. As a loyal fan, you must not miss it ~



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